Why India?

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With excellent hospitals and doctors, and a variety of places to explore; India is taking the world by storm with its medical tourism business.

With the rising costs of medical treatment in the West, India has positioned itself as one of the leading healthcare destinations in the world. According to conservative estimates, the booming medical tourism industry in India is valued to be approximately $3 billion in 2016 and is projected to reach $8 billion by 2020. India is experiencing an influx of foreign patients trusting their health in a country renowned for its pool of skilled medical practitioners, supporting staff and a robust healthcare accreditation system.

So what makes India so appealing?

The prohibitive costs of medical treatment in matured markets like the West, lack of access to good quality healthcare, long waiting lists, growing number of uninsured or under-insured persons; force patients to explore and seek affordable and accessible medical services elsewhere. India provides an alternative to such patients due to the availability of world-class healthcare infrastructure - relatively cheap treatments, highly qualified doctors and technical expertise.

The country has the largest resources of doctors and paramedics in South Asia, many of them trained and have acquired professional credentials from the West, mainly USA and UK. Coupled this with alternative treatment like yoga, ayurveda, siddha and acupuncture, you will notice that India has a lot to share in terms of its medical knowledge that is both vast and ancient.

Spurring the inrush of cost-conscious patients, the Indian medical tourism corridor offering cost-effective treatment is only set to grow and the country is now poised to become the medical mecca of the world.