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At MedMusafir, we help facilitate your medical trip to India - so that you leave your worries to us and we take care of them.

Pre diagnostic reports. Google online help. Doctors and hospitals. Treatments and services. Apply for visa. Check accommodation. Travel nightmare. Language barrier. Foreign country.

Sounds overwhelming, right? All foreign patients flying for curative care face the cumbersome process above. This is where we step in.

At MedMusafir, we are thoroughly experienced to make your medical trip to India as effortless as possible. We guide and assist you through the entire process - before and during your travel abroad. Right from choosing your accommodation, to your traveling and language needs, fixing appointments with the doctors and suggesting enchanting and memorable tourist places for your recuperative holiday; we have done it all – an umpteen times already.

We believe in helping you heal better and this is reflected in our work and culture. Our philosophy of looking after each other is firmly grounded and is found at the core of our existence.

Because care is at the heart of everything we do.