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Our international patient services ensure your trip to India is as comfortable as possible. With a lot of options to choose from, you have the influence to craft your trip the way you want it to be.

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Medical Treatment and Hospitalization

Through our well connected network of hospitals and medical practitioners, we ensure that you are treated by the best doctors possible. We aim to identify the most appropriate hospital and doctor, based on your critical needs and financial budget.

Nursing Care in India, Fortis Hospital, Best hospitals in India, Top Hospitals in IndiaNursing Care at your Convenience

It might be possible that you will require additional care post discharge from the hospital. You can avail of a visiting nurse to ensure that your stay in the hotel is looked after very well, at the hands of a well trained nursing staff.           

 Hotel, Cheap health care in India, affordable medical treatment in IndiaYour Accommodation

From budget rooms to serviced apartments to world renowned five star hotels, there’s a place you’ll find for every traveler. With the expansive network of hotels and guesthouses offering facilities to meet your stay requirements, we aim to make you feel as homely as possible.

Food Hospital Food Best restaurants in India Best restaurants in MumbaiGreat Food

India boasts of a diverse food culture. You will find food that suits every palette and fits every budget. Ranging from local street food to fine dining experience and a plethora of cuisines to choose, from all over the world, you will never be left craving for the food you left back home.

Translation Kidney transplant India Best Orthopedic doctor in IndiaInterpreter Availability

Traveling to a different country sends most of us in a panic zone. Let not the fear of a foreign language become the barrier to your pleasant stay. Our experienced interpreters will guide you through your entire journey, so that you don’t miss out on any conversation.

Conveyance, Knee Surgery, Hip surgeryLocal Conveyance

Who doesn’t need a good ride? You can opt for a modest small car to a luxury sedan, from our vast network of travel operators. We strive hard to ensure your ride to the hospital or to explore the beautiful city is absolutely pleasant and comfortable.

Money Exchange Currency Exchange

Whether it is Dollar, Dirham or Dinar; exchanging currency at the most competitive pricing can easily be taken care of. Our trusted money exchangers ensure that the rates are realtime and every transaction is convenient, safe and secure.                                                                                                                                                                

 Sim CardSim Cards

When you’re travelling, you’re leaving your friends and family behind; and we know how much you will miss them. We can pre-arrange local sim cards for your trip so that you stay connected to your loved ones back home.                     

Shopping Amazon Flipkart SnapdealShopping

India is a shopper’s paradise with the astonishing variety of items on the market. We will assist you with everything you’ve ever wished to take back home – local Indian attire or that fascinating marble replica of the Taj Mahal or perhaps the Pashmina shawl you’ve set your eyes on. Just leave the bargaining and the haggling to us!

Holiday in India, Vacation in India, Indian holidayRecuperative Holiday

India’s vibrant tourism scene has a lot to explore with its ancient historical sites and picturesque tourist locales. From the majestic regal forts to the beautiful valleys of Kashmir, we can arrange your recuperative holiday that will leave you completely refreshed and rejuvenated.